Our management team has distinct and complementary skill sets to effectively guide and direct Conceras to meet
corporate strategic objectives.


Harvey Nguyen - President and Ceo of Conceras

Harvey Nguyen - President & CEO

With over 10 years of hands-on experience establishing and growing new businesses, Mr. Nguyen has a well-developed entrepreneurial and operational acumen necessary to continue the success of Conceras. Since he joined Conceras in 2007 as one of its first employees and officers, Mr. Nguyen has played a leading role in defining and shaping Conceras’ niche as a successful technology services company in the federal and commercial sectors. Mr. Nguyen became President of Conceras in 2010. During this time, Mr. Nguyen has successfully led numerous capture and business development efforts on several key programs, resulting in solid wins and revenue growth for Conceras in challenging business environments.

Mr. Nguyen became CEO of Conceras in October 2013 and is now responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations and the strategic direction of the company as well as continuing his support and management of the company’s capture and business development efforts. These newer responsibilities include such diverse matters as formulating business growth strategies, establishing and monitoring Conceras’ short-term and long-term growth goals, planning and building organizational development and corporate governance policies, establishing and implementing key business strategies which focus on strategic growth and expansion into strategic market areas, business operations, contract performance, human resources and corporate finances.

With a keen interest and extensive knowledge in economics focusing on the free enterprise economic system from both micro and macro perspectives, Mr. Nguyen holds a B.S. in Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems from George Mason University which he earned in 2000.

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Tom Woodward - Executive Vice President of Conceras

Thomas Woodward – Executive Vice President

Tom Woodward is the Executive Vice President at Conceras. He brings 25 years of demonstrated information technology architecture and engineering leadership experience in both the private and public sector, including 10 years in the civilian and intelligence communities.

Mr. Woodward founded the company to be client-focused and mission-focused. Working directly with customers, he has a thorough understanding of the challenging and complex IT problems facing the Federal Government today. He has successfully designed and implemented several solutions and products, providing clients with the following benefits: lower total cost of ownership, high performance computing, automated lifecycle management and monitoring, data center consolidation and optimization, high availability and disaster recovery. Utilizing his first-hand knowledge of customer decision points, he has successfully identified, developed, and captured business opportunities for Conceras. With his personal willingness to do whatever it takes to make the client successful, he has established a high-level of credibility and IT expertise for the company in the civilian and intelligence communities.

Mr. Woodward plays a key role in setting the strategic objectives for the company. He develops and automates standards and strategies in marketing, operations, and finance to make certain the management of the company is effective at meeting the corporate objectives. He has defined and developed a culture for Conceras’ workforce to grow, to be challenged, and to make meaningful contributions to the customer and Conceras.

Mr. Woodward holds a B.S. in Decision Sciences & Management Information Systems from George Mason University.

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