At Conceras, we understand that there is not one solution for every problem. We tailor our approach to meet the customer’s specific needs.


Systems Architecture and Design

Conceras creates a dynamic Systems Architecture that aligns our clients’ mission needs with technology. Our designs address the toughest problems facing federal agencies: cutting costs, improving IT performance, integrating new technologies, enhancing interoperability, streamlining operational processes, and maintaining the highest levels of security.

Conceras evaluates your existing architecture to fully understand problem areas. Based on requirements, our designs will meet today’s needs, and will be scalable for new growth, emerging technologies, and changing mission objectives. Conceras’ designs are based on a flexible targeted architecture, leveraging leading methodologies, frameworks, and modeling tools, that conform to many government requirements. Conceras works across organizations and IT systems to gain architecture design support and buy-in, ensure successful migration, and enhance interoperability. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • Cloud computing
  • Virtualization
  • Architecture planning and implementation
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery Solutions


  • Improves planning and emerging technology insertion
  • Enhances IT efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improves information security and exchange
  • Increases ability and agility to change and growth
  • Streamlines and standardizes processes
  • Reduces software development and deployment time

Systems Engineering and Integration

Conceras’ engineering professionals face our clients’ most difficult system challenges: cost, performance, third-party tool integration, data center sprawl, complex IT operations, and security. At Conceras, we understand that there is not one solution for every problem. We tailor our approach to meet the customer’s specific needs, whether it is a partial upgrade to an existing system or a complete new system. We work directly with the customer to define the project scope, objectives, and requirements that meet their specific needs so the system can be delivered on time, within budget, and exceed expected performance.

We guide our clients through the complete Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Leveraging the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) guidelines, Conceras tailors our approach based on our deep understanding of technology and how it impacts organization and mission requirements. Our unique methods have been proven on complex system deployments that meet today’s needs, and scale to meet tomorrow’s needs. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • Data Center consolidation and modernization
  • Sun Solaris migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Network Operations Center engineering
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) migration
  • N-Tier design for scalability, manageability, and security
  • Storage Area Networks solutions
  • Relocation planning and engineering
  • Network engineering and integration
  • Lifecycle management support
  • Information Assurance technologies


  • Reduces full systems lifecycle costs and deployment risks
  • Protects technology investment
  • Stable and automated operating environments
  • Non-disruptive maintenance
  • Optimization and consolidation

Information and Cyber Security

As Federal Government agencies are increasingly dependent on IT for nearly every aspect of their mission, there is increased risk of complex cyber threats. Conceras’ Information and Cyber Security solutions defend and protect application data, systems, and networks from attacks and data spills. We offer solutions at each stage of the Information Assurance (IA) lifecycle, protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your environment.

With our in-depth knowledge of polices and procedures in the federal environment, we utilize an array of trusted methodologies, products, and tools that give a comprehensive view of risks, both from technical and human elements. Defending against organized one-time or group-based attacks requires a proactive remedy, continuously anticipating and protecting against threats without impacting ongoing IT operations.

Security is one of the most significant requirements. Systems need to be fully secure, capable of passing stringent Certification and Accreditation (C&A) guidelines. Conceras leverages security transparency across the National Security Agency, the Defense Information Systems Agency, Common Criteria, and universities. Conceras’ systems have been put through rigorous security engineering and development, demonstrating that the system is methodically designed, tested, and reviewed.

Conceras is a trusted leader in full-circle security architecture and engineering solutions, spanning across the full systems lifecycle, constantly adapting and perfecting a strong defense to keep our clients ahead of new threats but open to new technological advances. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • Enterprise security architectural design and development
  • Security program planning and management support
  • Disaster Recovery and Continuance of Operations planning and exercise scenarios
  • Certification and Accreditation readiness
  • Security policies and procedures
  • Computer security incident response
  • Training and awareness
  • Security and risk assessments (security testing and evaluation)
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) support


  • Anticipating and protecting against threats
  • Close the gap to exposure and stop sophisticated attackers before they strike
  • Defendable, manageable, and cost-effective solutions
  • Best practices and industry guidelines
  • Improves security and reduces risk across the enterprise
  • Defines policies and procedures to enable a predictable, measured security posture
  • Simplifies compliance across governmental guidelines
  • Reduces threats, incidents, and disruptions through proactive vulnerability management
  • Speeds response and recovery

Applications Development

Conceras’ applications development team designs, integrates, and implements portal services, systems integration services, and open source software services to meet clients’ distinct mission and administrative needs. We specialize in the integration of proprietary and open source environments, guiding our customers through needs assessment, product evaluation and prototyping, and final selection.

Depending on clients’ unique and specialized needs, Conceras can modernize existing applications with software integration, migrate applications from proprietary to open source platforms, or design a new application solution leveraging numerous software frameworks, while meeting budget and scheduling requirements.

Our Agile methodology allows our software engineers to balance a structured design and development approach for a layered and lightweight architecture framework. We specialize in Agile software development and DevOps, meeting industry standards while still enabling the flexibility and speed necessary in today's software development environment. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • Project management
  • Business process improvement
  • Database and data warehouse design and development
  • Test and evaluation
  • Configuration management
  • Implementation support and training
  • Portal Software Services
  • Portal role-based access control implementation
  • Legacy and distributed access control implementation
  • SSO and content management system integration
  • Java /J2EE Services
  • Open Source Software Services
  • System Integration Services
  • COTS/GOTS application system testing
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Enterprise middleware
  • Section 508 Compliance


  • Supports mission goals
  • Seamless integration
  • Improves organization’s performance
  • Lowers risks associated with developing and integrating new technologies
  • Reduces maintenance costs

IT Operations and Maintenance

Conceras performs a holistic evaluation of existing systems (top down, end-to-end) to set objectives, align resources, and prioritize investments to transform your IT infrastructure. We consolidate, integrate and modernize existing infrastructures so that you can govern IT, accelerate deployments, centrally monitor hardware and software, and administer asset utilization and change management.

We leverage policy-based software and hardware management across dispersed IT infrastructures, including: tracking IT assets, automating patch management, and metering software and application usage to make the most of existing technology investments. With our flexible managed services, we break down barriers from development to operations and streamline deployments across lifecycle quickly, reliably and consistently.

When customers select Conceras, they have the confidence of knowing their IT infrastructure is in capable hands. We use rigorous methods and industry best practices, including IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) standards. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • Network design, implementation, and migration
  • Systems and database administration
  • Zero-touch secure OS deployment and migration
  • Backup and recovery
  • Network consolidation
  • Network and system monitoring
  • Software integration
  • Integrated hardware and software inventorying


  • Reduces complexities and operating costs
  • Support Sarbanes-Oxley initiatives
  • Real-time diagnostics for better decision making
  • Improves ability to be proactive to changing business dynamics
  • Improves services levels through increased uptime and performance
  • 'Zero-touch' frees IT staff to focus on core mission initiatives
  • Enhances ability to integrate new technologies

Help Desk

Conceras offers an array of Tier 1 – Tier 3 help desk services to support 24x7x365 operations for our customer and their end users. Our trained and certified personnel support on-site operations across many technical areas, including: enterprise servers and storage, virtualization, internal and external networks, applications, peripherals, and desktops. We have in-depth knowledge of system failure detection and prevention, and we respond quickly should issues arise. We combine people, standard operating procedures, and technology to support hundreds of end users and manage sophisticated, mission-critical systems.

By centralizing support, documenting operating procedures, training staff, and implementing service levels, we are able to continuously improve service and meet the most demanding availability needs. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • 24x7x365 Network Operations support and maintenance
  • System prevention, detection, and response
  • Call center response
  • Customer satisfaction metrics


  • Augments staff resources with trained, certified experience
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces support costs and time per incident
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Processes automation
  • Stop the break/fix loop

Logistics Support

Supply chain and logistics is one of Conceras’ core capabilities. We manage the complexities, cost pressures, reduced workforce, broad regulatory changes, and emerging technologies. Federal Government agencies are working harder than ever to fulfill their missions. At Conceras, we have a proven track record of working with clients to solve their most difficult supply chain and logistics problems.

From suppliers to customers, we work together with clients to manage materials handling and production. Conceras has helped organizations improve the way they plan and manage supply chains, inventories, and logistics systems. Our approach is to plan and analyze all aspects of the customers’ needs, across organizational functional areas. We design and implement specific, functional, and customized solutions, ensuring that everyone in the supply chain works together to manage the objectives. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • Strategy and planning
  • Material and inventory management
  • Technical standards development and documentation
  • Automated data collection
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Industrial operations
  • Asset visibility and management


  • Lowers the total cost of ownership
  • Maximizes utilization of personnel and equipment
  • Optimize end-to-end supply chain
  • Enhances system interoperability
  • Provides supply chain decision and management information
  • Increases project predictability and reduces risk
  • Greater cost and schedule efficiencies

Program Management

Conceras develops and applies an integrated Program Management (PM) Information Technology (IT) solution for large-scale, multimillion-dollar programs and initiatives. We produce reliable enterprise-wide IT solutions based on best practices, technical knowledge, and hands-on experience. In an era of open government, it is vital to manage programs, systems and data effectively. Conceras helps clients navigate the multi-stakeholder environment to deliver secure, efficient, and innovative IT solutions. Our PM services include:


  • Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
  • Governance and strategic sourcing
  • Full scope of acquisition documentation support
  • Operations and delivery oversight
  • Process improvement — International Organization of Standardization (ISO), and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) frameworks
  • Acquisition policy, procedures, mentoring, and process improvement guidance
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices, to include: scheduling, financial planning, resource allocation, procurement, plan development, earned value management and metrics reporting


  • Better efficiency in delivering programs and services
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced efficacy in delivering services – the strategies we use to complete one project will serve for many future projects
  • Improved development and growth within teams
  • Expand client services based on strong program performance and solutions
  • Better flexibility and smarter IT direction
  • Increase in quality and productivity
  • Increased risk assessment
  • Infographic of Core Competencies
  • Infogrpahic of Data Center Modernization
  • Infographic of Network Modernization
  • Infographic of Agile Software Development
  • Infographic of Information Assurance
  • Infographic of SharePoint Knowledge Management
  • Infographic of Mobile Computing
  • Infographic of Ocunus IT Deployments
  • Infographic of Intelligence Analysis
  • Infographic of Certifications
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