Our Solutions

Conceras has the expertise, past performance, and resources to provide comprehensive services, from design concepts to implementation strategies on a broad range of hardware and software application platforms.

Our Solutions

Data Center Consolidation and Optimization

Data center sprawl is a growing concern for government CIOs, with limits on cooling, power, efficiency, and space. Conceras’ Data Center Consolidation and Optimization solutions help clients align data center infrastructure mission requirements with the right data center consolidation technologies and services. Our clients are able to lower facility costs, minimize risks, and eliminate redundant facilities.

Our Data Center Consolidation and Optimization solutions provide:

  • Minimized risk and cost with quick, non-disruptive data center migrations
  • Reduced data center footprint
  • Maximized LAN/WAN bandwidth
  • Optimized application performance
  • Simplified management through asset consolidation and shared resources
  • Increased flexibility due to network, server, and storage utilization
  • Optimized energy consumption to achieve green IT data center objectives
  • Cisco Nexus deployments
  • Detailed documentation for migration
  • 10-Gig Infrastructure
  • Reduced cabling cost and management with standard, consistent rack design
  • Cable plant infrastructure solutions, including: cable pathways, racks, servers, routers, switches, conduit, duct, wiring, power panels and protective distribution systems

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuance of Operations (COOP)

Conceras’ DR/COOP solutions meet federal requirements. We have years of expertise helping agencies identify and implement solutions, leveraging methodology for designing solutions for each agency’s unique requirements. Conceras has reviewed, tested, and selected a wide range of technology solutions that support DR/COOP as well as provide enhanced operational services on a day-to-day basis.

Our DR/COOP solutions provide:

  • Centralized administration to strengthen operational effectiveness
  • Ease of deployments and non-disruptive maintenance of physical and virtual environments
  • Improved Recovery Point Objectives, Recovery Time Objectives, and Service Level Agreements
  • Lower overall management costs
  • Fault tolerant and robust power, networking, storage, N+1 server clustering
  • Optimal use of standby resources
  • Regular exercising and testing of contingency plans, data restoration, and readiness guidelines
  • Minimal configuration changes for failover required
  • Leveraging of leading replication technologies
  • Adaptability and scalability for future mission needs

N-Tier Architecture

Conceras has expertise in the development of client/server and N-tier solutions. We have developed custom solutions for many vertical, data-driven government clients, with distributed application architecture across multiple secured enclaves, separating application processing and data management.

Our N-tier Architecture solutions provide:

  • VLANs for each segmented application functions
  • Ease of management & scalability
  • Inter-VLAN security via access control list
  • Reduced latency
  • Predictable data communication flow


Conceras’ asset, service, and device monitoring solutions provide smart, real-time control and analysis tools for IT decision makers and operational staff. Our solutions help clients monitor usage, availability, and performance of networks, devices, and application infrastructure. We roll up data into operational dashboards so users can visually monitor and manage events proactively and in real-time.

Our Monitoring solutions provide:

  • End-to-end visibility into your entire enterprise operations
  • Improved control of costs and metering of resources
  • Enhanced system outage management and recovery times
  • Automated business processes using best practices and expert knowledge
  • Smarter, knowledgeable decisions for a more integrated and automated infrastructure


Conceras understands that CIOs face greater demands for IT services, but are also constrained with tighter budgets and cannot afford to add a new server or storage system for every new application workload. Conceras’ server and storage virtualization solutions help organizations optimize IT resources and data center utilities. With our virtualization solutions, our clients reduce the number of servers, storage, desktop, and network devices to decrease complexity and make IT management simpler. Our services support the planning, analysis, design, migration, and ongoing operations and maintenance on all leading hypervisor architectures.

Our Virtualization solutions provide:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Selection of best-of-breed, hypervisor-agnostic solutions
  • Reduced power, cooling and floor space requirements
  • Enabling of rapid, secure provisioning of new gold image virtual systems and new workloads
  • Assessment, design, and implementation services
  • Leveraging advanced application and data migration tools to create a parallel path for application cutover, requiring minimal code changes and downtime
  • Rapidly test and simulate third party applications
  • Reduced infrastructure complexity
  • Capacity planning and performance testing
  • Easier integration of mixed environments
  • Leveraging of leading virtualization total lifecycle management platforms designed to meet current and emerging challenges

Sun Solaris to Linux Migrations

Since Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, the future viability of Sun Solaris is in question. Many Federal Government customers are performing cost analysis of maintaining a current Sun SPARC hardware environment versus investing in newer, horizontally scaled, lower cost, commodity architecture. Conceras guides clients through the analysis of requirements and technical aspects of new system technologies.

If you are considering a Solaris to Linux migration, Conceras has the expertise, past performance, and resources to provide comprehensive services, from design concepts to implementation strategies on a broad range of hardware and software application platforms. Conceras will tune and optimize your Linux environments for maximum workload performance, while securing your Linux environments to meet the most stringent Certification and Accreditation (C&A) security requirements.

Our Sun Solaris to Linux Migration solutions provide:

  • Scaled down configurations for hosts
  • Security best practices and C&A guidelines
  • Reduced administrative burden, and lowered deployment and configuration costs
  • Scalable architectures so the organization can grow and adapt to change
  • Red Hat Satellite, to automate OS deployments, application deployments, software, and security packages – managed from a centralized location
  • Planned cutover of the mission applications to minimize downtime
  • Secure provisioning with KickStarts and advanced custom scripting
  • Standard Operating Procedures and baselines
  • Server clustering
  • Several technology suites that streamline and automate lifecycle management and centralized auditing
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