Employee Testimonials

Conceras has built a reputation as a premier systems engineering consulting firm that prides itself on designing and delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Employee Testimonials

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Mike R., Project Manager

I joined the Conceras team two and a half years ago, coming directly from a long career with the U.S. Government. The initial reception to me by the Conceras managers was so positive that I made the decision early on to stay with the company for as long as possible. What keeps me here is their sense of community and the fact that they back it up with their actions. They hold monthly lunches for our unit. They hold an annual Christmas party for the whole company. They offer, and deliver, compensation for training to further our skills. I have taken advantage of this training and have seen definite benefits from having done so.

My early resolve to stay with Conceras was recently tested when I was offered a position with another company, with higher pay and more responsibility. I declined the offer, because it would have meant leaving Conceras. I have decided to reward my managers’ loyalty to me with loyalty back to them. I appreciate the effort they make to ensure a friendly, mutually-beneficial work environment.

Phillip V., Tiered IT Support Team Member

After spending nine years in the Army, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to find a job. I knew I wanted to do something in information technology, but I also wanted to pursue education. I spent months looking for different types of jobs in IT. I wanted to find one that could help me with my education, one that had great benefits, and fair compensation. After months of searching, I found an outstanding opportunity with Conceras.

Conceras welcomed me with open arms, and valued my experience in the military. The benefits, which start on day one, are outstanding. Conceras matches their employees’ 401k contributions. They also encourage their employees to further their education and obtain professional certifications. They met with me to draw out a career path, letting me know which certifications I would need, and are willing to provide me with plenty of study material. They truly want to help me with my personal and professional growth. I truly enjoy being part of the Conceras team.

Russell P., OCONUS IT Deployment Team Member

The months leading up to my retirement from the United States Army were stressful and uncertain. After 22 years in the telecommunication field, I had no idea of what I was going to do, what to expect, or how was I going to continue to support and provide for my family. The transition was not easy. I had applied and interviewed at multiple companies that I thought would be a great career path.

Since my transition out of the Army, I have held different contracting jobs but none that compares to Conceras. Working for Conceras has allowed me to expand my skills, knowledge, and expertise in the IT field. My position also allows me to travel to various countries and explore the diverse cultures around the world. Conceras has a great benefits package that fits my needs and allows me to be financially secure. My co-workers are great and we make a great team together. I look forward to many more years with Conceras.

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